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Monitoring Service

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One of the major weaknesses in IT management is the response time. Computer servers usually lack the appropriate monitoring; Resulting in undetected system failures or failures being detected after damage was caused.

An overly complex service (a number of servers, network elements and software that makes up the IT core) can make errors increasingly difficult to find:


Our service provides information and better response in the following aspects.


  • The legacy systems only manage the principal hardware. Because of this, failures in the secondary systems might go unnoticed until it’s too late. Octanio monitors everything; this includes secondary servers, switches, routers, FW, internet connectivity, etc. This means you waste less time in the mundane tasks.
  • The common monitoring methods are usually limited to controlling connectivity (ping) with said machine or the main service (e.g. Web service). Octanio S.L. examines all the elements affecting the service, including principal web servers, file servers, data base and parts of the operating system like the disk system’s integrity, available resources and the system’s load. Additionally, we customize our service to the software elements used in the project, controlling the performance parameters and the load that may indicate future errors.