System Administration

System administration service

Our expert personnel will keep your system safe and operational 24/7/365


      System administration is probably the most demanding IT sector in our day. It enjoys the advantage of employing the leading edge of technology. Nevertheless, the burden of the project falls on the administration and maintenance systems: the backups, firewalls or the resources management system cannot be allowed to fail due to a risky operation. On top of all that, we have to take into account the security factor: It’s important to be acquainted with the latest news and advancements in computer security, be it to implement them or be on guard against possible threats. It’s a field in which the traditional solutions (antivirus, corporate security suites) are inadequate, considering they need to be adapted to each project. The growth of the internet has only increased the importance of taking preventive measures.

      Here at Octanio S.L. we have personnel with more than 10 years of experience in deploying, protecting, administrating and maintaining computer systems solid. We specialize in LAMP (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) configurations and security solutions (Firewall+NIDS+VPN) based on Linux. We also possess extensive experience managing windows network domains (Active Directory). We have a network and systems laboratory where we test and fine-tune leading technology like: virtualization, High availability, intelligent traffic routing and high efficiency response to improve search engine ranking. We help our clients employ any of these technologies in a safe and reliable way.

      Your system will be installed, administered and maintained with the greatest efficiency and attention to detail. Monitoring it constantly and updating it to ensure the best performance and safety against internal and external attacks.