About Us

Who We Are?

Octanio Computer Systems was created in 2007 from the demand of external administrational services and high quality computer system monitoring. The use of the latest technologies and the speed and quality of our service has brought us to where we are now.


What We Do?

Octanio Computer Systems’ main tasks are the administration and maintenance of servers and networks. We specialize in Linux, reinforcing the traditional weaknesses (security, dependability and confidentiality): Monitoring, implementing preventive measures and executing regular inspections. We tune up you system so that it’s better, faster and safer.


Why is a well managed system so important?

We live in a day and age filled with competition, and companies work hard to have an advantage over other companies. Originality, distinction, quality and price determine a business’ success. However, computer systems have, without a doubt, become a determining factor in the success of any project. That’s why we do nothing by halves; we work to enhance your systems performance and keep them safe.

The majority of the system administrators working in companies waste great amounts of time helping users or solving mundane problems. This affects the amount of time spent on maintaining the server. If, on the other hand, your company does not have personnel dedicated to this task, the integrity of your system isn’t faring any better. In both cases the risks could be: precarious backups, security updates are implemented making you vulnerable to hackers and your resources not being monitored correctly to avoid system deceleration and crashes. Nowadays, because of the internet and the global market, system management cannot be reduced to office hours or be adjusted to holidays. Your system has to be functional 24/7 this is very costly and complicated to do with in-house personnel.


Why Octanio?

Octanio does not design websites. It does not perform integral maintenance. We do not maintain user systems; we focus on servers, especially those which are visible (connected to the internet and offering public or private services). This is where our expertise lies, so all our experience and technology go into giving a superior service.

Octanio has existed since 2008, its manager and Project director, Hilario Ortigosa, has been working continuously since 1999 in the field of computer systems. He has played a crucial part in the deployment, monitoring and optimization of websites like agapea.com and quehoteles.com, controlling its integrity 24/7 and pro-actively checking security threats and performance. Our know-how comes from years of experience and continuous training in new technologies. Octanio provides its clients with new technologies which have been tried and tested by us.

We specialise in:

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